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Blake E. Peterson, M.D.

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Peterson.
  • “Been dealing with knee pain for years. Dr. Peterson was recommended to me by a hospital employee. Thankful for the recommendation!”
    – Tina B.
    Treating Doctor: Blake E. Peterson, M.D.
  • “The first time that I met with Dr. Peterson, he was a friendly man. He described the procedure very wholly. He also answered any questions and concerns I had. He took the time to make sure all my needs were met, by explaining the type of procedure and the advantages of the system. I felt reassured going into the surgery knowing that he was very confident about the process. On the day of surgery, he came in and talked with me and had prayer with my pastor, staff and my wife. He took the time to check on me three times after surgery before I left to go home. One week after surgery, I messaged him with a concern, and he took the time out of his busy schedule to get back to me. This man is very good at what he does and cares about his patients. I have never had a doctor that would follow through as much as Dr. Peterson did. I am pleased and honored to have met and had him take care of me. I will and already have to recommend the man to anyone.”
    – Richard W.
    Treating Doctor: Blake E. Peterson, M.D.
  • “I had a hip replacement by Dr. Peterson and got to go home 7 hours after the surgery. I had one four years ago and was in the hospital for four days. Then on a walker for a week and then on crutches for a week and a half and then cane. I started using a cane after I was home in one week. By week two no cane except on steps and I was driving at three weeks. This was a fantastic surgery compared to what I had a few years ago. Dr. Peterson does not get invasive so he did not cut my nerves or muscles and the healing progress was so much better. I would highly recommend to anyone having this surgery to have Dr. Peterson perform it. I rate him ten stars.”
    – Jeff H.
    Treating Doctor: Blake E. Peterson, M.D.
  • “Amazing. I was in the hospital a total of 30 hours from registration to discharge. I was somewhat uncomfortable but never in any real pain. Didn't take the pain pills prescribed for home use — shocked everyone in the retirement center when I walked through the door when discharged. I know I gave Dr. Peterson hassles about every step of the way but he really, really knows what he is doing and has his staff on board also. I tell everyone who complains of hip pain about Dr. Peterson and his team. Thank goodness I found about him.”
    – Gwendolyn Q.
    Treating Doctor: Blake E. Peterson, M.D.
  • “Everyone was so lovely and supportive, and the doctor explained everything so well.”
    – Tangela R.
    Treating Doctor: Blake E. Peterson, M.D.